i'm claire and i'm a 17 year old high school student from scotland. i suppose this could be described as my personal blog.
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Kinesin is a protein that moves things around the cell. That filament is a protein strand that gives the cell structure. That vesicle is a big blob full of cellular product that the cell wants to transport somewhere else. It is driven by ATP hydrolysis. (Source) (Video)

what with Salmond stepping down, it seems pretty likely that Nichola Sturgeon will take his place for now - which means that Scotland will have its first female first minister which is pretty cool

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Why insist on building new borders between human beings in an ever-shrinking world where we are still struggling to live alongside each other? —Emma Thompson (via emma—thompson)

Nine things that have been great about the Scottish referendum


1. 97% of eligible voters registered

More voters signed up to vote than ever before, 118,640 were added to the electoral register in the last month

2. Turnout was well over 80%

It was easily the highest turnout in post-war politics. Many working class voters went to the polling station for…


destroy the idea that big noses are not good noses

the no side won by 5% which was actually a bigger margins than i thought it’d be! really hope people can accept that in a democratic vote not everyone is going to be happy with the result…i’m so worried that this whole thing will cause long-term divides in scotland


it’s the scottish independence referendum tomorrow

or as i like to call it

the great british break off



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i really really really hope that, whatever the outcome of the the referendum today, we can accept it and work together to make the best of whatever the new situation without turning against eachother

I think having more localised governments within the UK is really really important, rather than 1 parliament in London holding most of the powers. People in different areas of the UK have different needs, and we’d be a much more democratic and fair country if people could make decisions about how to run their own area, how to spend tax money, etc etc. The current Scottish parliament and the Welsh assembly are a good example of this but they do need more powers - and I think localised governments within England would be a good thing too (especially with the north/south divide). We do however need a strong central UK- wide government to deal with things like defence and foreign affairs, making the UK powerful enough globally. Basically I see the sentiment behind Scottish independence, but I think the best option is to gain more powers for the existing scottish parliament, without splitting off from the uk entirely - I like that I could without hassle have access to jobs, university places, etc in the rest of the UK and I’d hate to have those options limited. Creating divisions and highlighting differences between groups of people is never good - we can still be scottish and have more powers over our own affairs without becoming an entirely new country

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